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Tired of time consuming time reporting?

Let Dynamic Time do it for you!

What is Dynamic Time?

Automatic time reporting without complicated system changes

What is dynamic time?

Why Dynamic Time?

Dynamic Time reduce the time required for time reporting, you get more time for your core business and better control of how your time is spent. All without replacing your current systems.

Increased profitability

Dynamic Time enables increased profitability by giving more time to your core business. Focus on creating new business or more value for your customers instead.

Increased quality

Dynamic Time increases the accuracy in your time reports while securing controll over your business time use, thus laying the foundation for optimized quality control.



Dynamic Time helps you automate time reporting by analyzing what you’re working on and based on that creating time reports that you approve.

Automatic time reporting

Dynamic Time create time reports based on activities in services like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Secure data handling

Dynamic Time analyze data and usage patterns. All information is handled safely and you own your data.

Keep your current systems

Dynamic Time can easily integrate with your current systems so you avoid replacing systems.


Dynamic time is available in three different packages. Below you can compare the packages. For price information, please contact us at and request a quote.


  • Pay annually or monthly
  • Web-app


  • Pay annually or monthly
  • Web-app


  • Outlook AddIn
  • Google Calendar


  • Pay annually or monthly
  • Web-app


  • Outlook AddIn
  • Google Calendar


  • Logic Apps
  • Zapier
  • Custom


We are here for you


Our support

We are always here for our users, ready to guide and assist you with our products. At our support pages you will find useful information and answers to the most frequent questions regarding Dynamic Time. You can also create your own support ticket if the answer to your question is not available.

Contact Us

Dynamic Time is owned and developed by the Swedish based IT-company Hellman Dynamic AB (HDAB). HDAB offers expertise in system developement, agile methods and public procurement. For more information, see

Feel free to contact us through e-mailing for any questions you might have or for a free demo.

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