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Dynamic Time © - When time is money

Is your company doing costly time consuming time reporting, invoice and wages without automation? Do you need to educate your staff for every new interface they use?

Why? Well, because you need it of course for invoice and wages basis and project governance.

But what if all the time you and your staff spends on finding the right source material and entering it manually could be avoided?

It can. Do it in no time in your own calendar instead!

Dynamic Time© is the middleware that binds your calendar and mail with your systems and radically improve the way you time report as well as time spended.


Why do almost all companies need to timereport?

  • Invoice basis
  • Wager basis
  • Project governance
  • Budgeting

How do companies timereport today?

  • Logging in to multiple systems
  • -HR system, Invoice system, etc.
  • Reading data from calendar and mail
  • Entering data manually in a very time consuming process

Dynamic Time automates manual timereporting

Dynamic Time is middleware that binds your calendar and mail with your systems. Get Dynamic TimeⒸ as SAAS or on premise.

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